Supporting Our Heroes

Closing Cost Credit
for HERO
Buyers or Seller for 2017*

Service Deserves Its Rewards

Hero Savings

Here are the savings we offer to help support our heroes:

  • 20.17% of the Gross Commission Closing Cost Credit, whether the Hero buys or sells or both.
  • Discounted lending fees charged by our lender affiliates that also support our heroes.
  • Title Closing Fee discounts where allowed by law.
  • Other Real Estate Related Discounts available in some States.

We offer full service at a discounted rate. We are able to offer more savings than anyone else because of our strong business relationships.

The Purpose of our Hero Savings Program is to provide and/or coordinate financial assistance and housing resources to the Heroes of our nation such as Military personnel, Police/Peace Officers, Firefighter and First Responders who are in need.  These public servants work tirelessly and often at great physical and emotional risk to ensure the safety of all citizens. Often, they cannot afford to live in the communities that they serve or they have been injured while striving to keep us safe. At Martell Realty, this is one of the ways we show our respect, our gratitude, and our reciprocal support.